You Have a Strong Spirit

Even if you might not be thinking or feeling it at the moment, today, yesterday, the past few months, the past year – you have a strong spirit. In this time of uncertainty and struggle some are able to pull on their inner strength more than ever while others may feel their inner light has dimmed to a flicker. I’ve started this blog as a space to share stories of hope during a time when we need it the most.

4 thoughts on “You Have a Strong Spirit

  1. My soul and connection to God is the strongest thing I have. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. I never doubt that God is there for me, but sometimes I cry out “Where are you?” Thanks for giving us a space to share these feelings.

    Nana Sue


  2. Sometimes it’s hard to believe you have a strong spirit in the moment. I now surround myself with others who can remind me of my strong spirit. They are the light when I am having dark moments. They help guide me back and remind me of my strengths. In turn, I do the same. Let’s be the light for others so when we are lost they will shine the light for us!

    In gratitude for your work,

    Sharon, (your super proud previous leader)


    1. Thank you for sharing Sharon. Surrounding ourselves with others that reflect our inner strength is a beautiful practice. Yes, let’s be the light for others so that others can shine their light as well. Grateful for your thoughts.


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