Get In Your Flow

A friend of mine at a summer camp used to call me ” la sirena,” which in Spanish means mermaid. I have always had a strong connection with water, whether it is jumping off a 20 foot cliff in Bocas Del Torro, Panama (to submerge myself in the freezing cold water below), to 4am swim workouts during both of my pregnancies. Had I chosen to be an animal it would have been a humpback whale, spending my life swimming through the ocean waters.

The moment I emerge myself in a body of water (whether it’s in my backyard pool, a lake, the ocean, or taking a shower after a day at work) I feel an immediate reconnection of mind and body. For a woman who has been very cerebral and an over-thinker the majority of her life, being able to settle my thoughts and be more in the present moment is a much appreciated experience. In addition, swimming has not only been a good exercise routine but a much needed active meditation.

Now, not everyone enjoys swimming, or plunging into cold body of water that can literally take your breath away (this happened on one of the obstacles at Tough Mudder) for a few seconds. I have friends and family that would rather lounge around the pool or beach than get their hair or body wet. At the moment, my two toddlers would rather throw various toys and rocks into the pool than swim in it. Hopefully when the water warms up they will be excited to go in.

So I ask you, what is it that gets your energy flowing? What activity takes you out of that mind clutter or stress of the daily routine, and helps connect you to the present moment? What gets your inner light shining? Is it getting out for a hike or some other form of exercise? Is it eating your favorite meal without distraction and in the presence of others your love? Is it engaging in a conversation with someone who inspires and uplifts you? What gets you in your flow?

2 thoughts on “Get In Your Flow

  1. You and I share a special love of water and swimming, although you have taken it to a level I never did. I love it that you get up to swim early and had a nickname of La Sirena. Now I know how to say mermaid in Spanish, ha ha! What gets my energy flowing is a good walk in silence (no ear phones in my ears). Whenever I’ve had troubles, I’ve taken a good long walk, and I seem to emerge stronger, more serene and even keeled! If ever you see me out of whack, simply say “you need a good walk, Nana!” ha ha

    Nana Sue


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