Starfish: How Helping Others can Help You

It can be easy to get overwhelmed at times and yet making small differences in the lives of others can actually help ease feelings of helplessness and disempowerment.  Sounds a bit counterintuitive doesn’t it.  “I am already overwhelmed with a list of to dos and uncertain of what to take on next.  How can adding additional “work” help?”  Sometimes it is not the long list of actions we feel we need to take that is the source of discontent and overwhelm.  Perhaps, it is the lack of meaningful action and purpose.  Connecting to others and building a village of support is a wonderful way to dig ourselves out of holes of isolation and doubt.  So find that starfish, throw it back in the water and see how you feel.  And as was mentioned, if you get overwhelmed by how many starfish are on the beach, remind yourself, “I made a difference to that one!”  Please share how helping others has helped you and have a wonderful Friday. 

4 thoughts on “Starfish: How Helping Others can Help You

  1. Thanks Jenn, I LOVE that story!

    I find whenever I’m overwhelmed and I get a phone call, text, or have an encounter where I can pull out of my own problems and give to another, that the act of giving actually lessens or even relieves my own stress level. Thanks again for the starfish story, it’s a beautiful reminder!


    1. Yes! That is great that the act of giving to another actually relieves your own stress. That speaks well of your giving nature and also attests to humanities natural tendency to work together as a village – helping and supporting one another.


  2. Today my husband and I helped a woman who was locked out of her house. We did not abandon her and made sure that a solution was found. Not an act that necessarily changes the world, but it changed our world and the neighbor’s for the moment. We wanted to make sure she was okay, and it made us feel good as well to help our neighbor.

    All these and any acts of small kindnesses add up to a big difference, so each of us can rest assured by doing our part in whatever way does and can make a difference.

    Great reminder!

    Nana Sue
    P.S. I love the small changes in your blog formatting…much easier to navigate 🙂


    1. A beautiful act of kindness and in this current hot weather I’m sure she was appreciative to be able to get into her home as soon as possible. I am sure she is grateful to have caring neighbors like you. Thank you for sharing Nana.


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